miriam bow

mimkitty is a project by miriam bow meant to promote peace, healing, creativity, and relaxation through memory, nostalgia, comfort, & convalescense.
underneath the primary mimkitty project (conceived 2020) are several mini-projects and pseudonyms, such as “m. lovejoy”, “mymphae”, and “miriam bow”

m.lovejoy is a former pseudonym miriam went by for her work with Oneul Magazine in 2021 (see her print here)

mymphae is the pseudonym being currently used for some literary projects

miriam bow is the pseudonym for the person behind mimkitty and its projects, as well as used for musical and poetic works.

miriam and her projects are not currently touring, nor does she have a consistent, posted performance schedule. live performance, digital and physical, may be considered in the future.

all music is made within the comfort of miriam’s home, and is written, composed, performed, and produced by miriam, with the help of friends and family.

all profits will be going to the livelihoods of miriam and her family, as well as to improve the quality and quantity of her artistry.